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Ümraniye is located in the Marmara Region, on the Asian side of Istanbul, and is built on a solid ground. In terms of population, it ranks 3rd among Istanbul's 39 districts. To the east of Ümraniye is Sancaktepe, to the south is Ataşehir, to the west is Üsküdar, and to the north are Çekmeköy and Beykoz districts.

The district experiences both Black Sea and Mediterranean climate characteristics. While the winters are influenced by frontal rainfall like the Mediterranean region, the summers are not as dry as the Mediterranean due to the influence of the Black Sea. The low elevation prevents the amount of rainfall from being excessive. Although the district is affected by the maritime climate coming from the Bosphorus, the presence of the Çamlıca hills also allows for some continental climate characteristics.

On the Asian side of Istanbul, Ümraniye is home to one of the most visited markets and is one of the central areas of the city. When you come to Ümraniye, which has a busy pedestrian and vehicle traffic on its streets and avenues, you will see that the area is mainly dominated by markets and shopping centers. Besides visiting Ümraniye for sightseeing, you can also visit Dudullu Hill, Trabzon Park, Tantavi Social Facilities, and the famous Ümraniye Market.

The population of our Ümraniye district is 723,760.

Places to visit in Ümraniye

Hekimbaşı Hunting Lodge

Ümraniye Shopping Centers

Dudullu Hill

Ümraniye Market

Ihlamurkuyu Forest

Ümraniye National Garden

Şile Road Forest

Ümraniye Tantavi Social Facilities

Trabzon Park

Cevheraga Mosque and Cevheraga School