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To the east of Tuzla is the Gebze district, to the west is Pendik, to the north is Pendik, and to the south is the Marmara Sea.

Located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, Tuzla is notable for various aspects such as its maritime heritage, natural beauty, and industrial activities. Tuzla has been used as a base by sailors throughout history due to its location on the coast of the Marmara Sea. Until the last years of the Ottoman Empire, Greeks and Turks lived together here. While the natural vegetation should have been forests, it has been cut down and replaced by maquis and scrublands. Maquis is dominant in rural areas. There are trees and plants such as oak, dwarf oak, broom bush, heather, thorn bush, arbutus, and cistus. Summers are

hot and dry, winters are rainy and cool. Spring is cool and rainy, and autumn is mild and very rainy. The average annual temperature is 14 degrees. It has been observed that temperatures can rise up to 39 degrees in mid-summer and drop to -10 degrees below zero in mid-winter.

Tuzla is a unique coastal district that fascinates its visitors with its natural and historical beauties, delicious menus, current fish restaurants, entertaining venues, healing hot springs, and bays suitable for swimming.

The population of Tuzla district is 293,604.

Places to visit in Tuzla

Tuzla Coast

You can walk along Tuzla's coast, swim in the sea, or try delicious meals at the cafes and restaurants along the coast.

Tuzla Drinking and Thermal Springs

The hot springs, offering a healthy and relaxing experience, provide another good reason to visit Tuzla, with its variety of natural beauties.

Davut Ağa Fountain

One of the structures inherited from the Ottoman period, the Davut Ağa Fountain was built in 1668 by someone named Davut Ağa.

Aydınlı Nişancı Mehmet Paşa Mosque

One of the works from the Ottoman period, the Aydınlı Nişancı Mehmet Paşa Mosque, was built by Nişancı Mehmet Paşa, one of the viziers of Sultan Ahmed III, and has been open for worship since 1714.

Tuzla Mercan Bay

One of the most beautiful bays of Tuzla, you can swim in the clear waters of Mercan Bay and take a walk along its tree-lined coast.