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Located on the European side of Istanbul, Şişli is one of the most visited districts of the city, thanks to its central location and the historical and touristic values it hosts. It is surrounded by the districts of Beşiktaş, Kağıthane, and Beyoğlu. One of the most striking features of Şişli is its resident population, which forms a large mosaic. Throughout history, Şişli has been one of the districts where minorities and immigrants coming to Istanbul have settled the most densely. Like many other districts of Istanbul, Şişli has been significantly affected by the rural-to-urban migration movement. For this reason, the district has a very colorful and vibrant population. Religious structures belonging to different faiths, historical apartments, various cuisines, and hundreds of businesses are indispensable elements of Şişli.

One of the most important features of Şişli is that it forms one of the most significant financial and business centers of Istanbul. The workforce, especially the group referred to as white-collar workers, primarily works in Şişli and more specifically in Mecidiyeköy. Luxury boutiques, fashion design ateliers, large hotels, convention centers, event spaces, theater halls, and art galleries are also commonly found within the district boundaries.

Şişli also holds a very important place in the architectural history of the city. When you take a discovery tour in the district, you encounter some buildings with Art Nouveau-style facades, historical churches, and ancient tombs. Structures such as the Bomonti Beer Factory, Teşvikiye Mosque, Şişli Mosque, Abide-i Hürriyet, and Notre Dame de Sion French High School are among the most significant historical buildings in the district. The Harbiye Open-Air Theatre, Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Center, and Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall also host important theaters, cinemas, and concert halls. Maçka Democracy Park and the Atatürk Museum are also tourist attractions that receive a lot of attention.

The population of Şişli district is 264,736.

Places to visit in Şişli

Şişli Atatürk House

It is one of the most valuable buildings in our history where Mustafa Kemal Atatürk lived. In 1942, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality turned it into a museum. Inside, there are Atatürk's belongings, materials related to the War of Independence, and various paintings. You can visit the museum every day except Monday.

Şişli Military Museum

Located in Halaskargazi, the Şişli Military Museum was used as an educational institution for training soldiers during the Ottoman period. Today, the building, which has not lost its authentic texture, continues to open its doors to visitors on weekdays and weekends.

Şişli Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center

In this cultural house where various events are held, you can watch many theater performances with your family or friends. Festivals, musical shows, circuses, and comedy programs are also offered to visitors at certain times.

Şişli Bet Israel Synagogue

Şişli Mosque

Saint Esprit Cathedral

Aya Dimitri Greek Orthodox Church

Şişli Science Center


Şişli Habitat Park

Maçka Democracy Park

Şişli Cevahir Shopping Mall