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Şile is a district located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Situated on the western part of the Kocaeli Peninsula, Şile is surrounded by Kandra to the east, Derince and Körfez to the southeast, Pendik and Gebze to the south, Çekmeköy to the southwest, and Beykoz to the west.

Şile is approximately 70 kilometers away from Istanbul, and there are hourly buses from Üsküdar to Şile. These services become more frequent during the summer. It can also be easily reached by private vehicle via the Ümraniye-Şile highway.

Among the natural beauties of Şile, its beaches are the most prominent. Şile, with a 60-kilometer coastline, includes Büyük Plaj (Big Beach) and İskele Yeri Plajı (Pier Place Beach), which are the most preferred by vacationers. Additionally, those who prefer to swim in quieter bays visit Ağlayan Kaya, Kumbaba, Ayazma, İmrenli, Sahilkoy, Ağva, and Kurfallı. The sea season in Şile is between June and September, which are the calm periods of the Black Sea.

In Şile, the Şile Cloth Culture and Art Festival is traditionally held every year in the last week of July. The festival serves as an important tool for the promotion of the region both nationally and internationally. Famous artists take part in the festival, which is themed around Şile cloth, the region's most significant and unique product. Local product markets, which are rare in Turkey, are also established in Şile.

One of the most significant attractions in Şile is the Şile Lighthouse. The lighthouse, which holds great importance for maritime navigation, is the largest lighthouse in Turkey. It was built by Sultan Abdülmecit I. The lighthouse was constructed between 1859 and 1860 with the collaboration of Turkish architects and French engineers.

The population of Şile district is 48,537.

Places to visit in Şile

  1. Ağva

With its untouched natural beauty and hotels to suit all budgets, Ağva has become a popular destination for both weekend trips and summer vacations. Offering stunning views between the Göksu and Yeşilçay rivers, Ağva features fish restaurants, garden cafés, and picnic areas along the wooden piers on the riverbanks where you can unwind. You can explore the unique beauty of the rivers with small boats and canoes or join fishing tours to relax by catching fish in the abundant waters of Ağva.

  1. Ayazma Beach (Şile Public Beach)

Known as Şile Public Beach, Ayazma Beach fills up with people coming from Istanbul to enjoy the sea during the summer months. With its fine sandy long beach, reminiscent of the Aegean and Mediterranean, and its clean sea, Ayazma Beach is one of the most special beaches in Şile, awarded the Blue Flag. With a length of 1.5 kilometers and a width of 50 meters, Ayazma Beach is ideal for enjoying both the sea and the sun. You can find various facilities, from tourist amenities where you can rent sunshades and loungers to cafes and restaurants.

  1. Kadırga Bay

One of the must-visit spots for trekking tours and boat trips organized in Şile is Kadırga Bay, located just a 20-minute walk from the town of Ağva on the Black Sea coast. This fascinating bay, home to intriguing rock formations carved by strong waves and winds over thousands of years, attracts photographers with its stunning views, especially at sunset. With its quiet and peaceful atmosphere, Kadırga Bay is also an ideal spot for picnicking and camping.

  1. Ağlayan Kaya

  2. Göksu River (Ağva River)

  3. Kilimli Bay

  4. Şile Lighthouse

  5. Şile Castle

  6. Şile Hidden Lake (Saklıgöl)

  7. Sardala Bay