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Küçükçekmece district, located on the western side of Istanbul Province, is situated in the Çatalca-Kocaeli section of the Marmara Region on the Çatalca peninsula. Küçükçekmece is surrounded by the districts of Avcılar, Başakşehir, Bağcılar, Bahçelievler, and Bakırköy. Our district is located on important highways such as the Transit European Motorway (TEM-E80) and D100 (E5), which connect Asia and Europe, as well as the railway network extending from the Sirkeci center to Europe.

It has a coast on the Marmara Sea and the Küçükçekmece Lake, which it is named after. Archaeological artifacts found in the Küçükçekmece region are exhibited in the Istanbul Archaeological Museum. The economy of Küçükçekmece is based on agriculture and industry. Among agricultural products, vegetables and fruits are particularly important. The industry is particularly concentrated in the textile, food, and chemical sectors.

Natural beauties of the district include Sazlıdere Dam and Pond, Şamlar Nature Park, and Küçükçekmece Lake. Additionally, Küçükçekmece, known for its historical structures, has important buildings such as Hacı Hekim Bath, Küçükçekmece Mosque, a work of Mimar Sinan, and Kocasinan Central Mosque.

The district is also notable for its modern housing projects, shopping centers, and restaurants. The ease of access to other districts of Istanbul makes Küçükçekmece an attractive living area. The demographic structure of Küçükçekmece is quite diverse, with people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds living in the district. The population density of Küçükçekmece is quite high, resulting in a high demand for housing. In recent years, many new housing projects have been realized in Küçükçekmece.

The population of our Küçükçekmece district is 792,030.

Places to visit in Küçükçekmece

Küçükçekmece Lake: One of the largest freshwater lakes in Istanbul, Küçükçekmece Lake is located in the center of the district. You can walk, bike, or have a picnic around the lake.

Halkalı Street: One of the busiest streets, Halkalı Street is filled with restaurants, cafes, and shops. You can shop or dine here.

Atatürk Forest: Known for its natural beauty, the forest is one of the largest in Istanbul. You can walk, have a picnic, or enjoy nature here.

Mustafa Kemal Pasha Mosque: One of the most important mosques, Mustafa Kemal Pasha Mosque, is a beautiful example of Ottoman architecture. The mosque was built in 1464.

Ayamama Stream: One of the cleanest stream systems in Istanbul, Ayamama Stream connects to Küçükçekmece Lake. You can enjoy the natural beauty here.

Florya Atatürk Marine Mansion: The mansion used by the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, as a summer residence, is located in the Florya neighborhood of Istanbul. By visiting here, you can see a historical building and enjoy a pleasant time by the sea.