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With its rising new-generation business and living areas, Kağıthane continues to develop and is among the most popular districts for those who want to live in Istanbul without moving away from the city center. Located on the European side of Istanbul, the district extends northwest from the point where the Kağıthane River meets the Golden Horn. It is bordered by Sarıyer to the north, Şişli to the south, Beşiktaş to the west, and Eyüp to the east.

Kağıthane, which has not let go of the title of the fastest-developing region of Istanbul in recent years due to the investments made, has gained a new face with urban transformation applications and has become a district where more and more people settle each year due to its proximity to business centers. With expanding transportation networks, its proximity to the Taksim, Şişli, and Beşiktaş axis, and the increase in new-generation housing projects, Kağıthane offers many advantages for those who want to live in the city center of Istanbul. Industrial establishments in the district are particularly concentrated along Cendere Street (Kağıthane River). Factories operating in various fields such as textiles, construction, chemicals, food, and machinery manufacturing are production centers forming the backbone of the district's economy. In the "Auto Industry Site" known point of the Industry neighborhood, it is possible to get all kinds of automotive-related services from spare parts shops and auto repairers.

The district, which also hosts a large student population, offers services in education through primary schools, vocational schools, private universities, and many courses. In the health sector, there are private clinics, polyclinics, veterinary clinics, and hospitals that are frequently preferred by both the residents of Kağıthane and those from surrounding districts. In addition to significant municipal centers such as Sadabad Sports Facilities, Hamidiye Swimming Pool and Sports Complex, Cemal Kamacı Sports Complex, and Yahya Kemal Sports Complex, there are also private courses offering training in swimming, judo, karate, and taekwondo. Kağıthane has many parks, large and small, where residents can breathe. Hasbahçe and 700th Year Parks stand out as relaxation areas with their size and vegetation, ideal for those who want to escape the city's noise and for families to spend time.

The population of the Kağıthane district is 445,672.

Places to visit in Kağıthane:

Naturel Yaşam Parkı (Natural Life Park)

Atlas Pazarı (Atlas Market)

Belgrad Forest

Sadabad Fountain

Eyüp Sultan Mosque

Metrocity Shopping Mall