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Kadıköy is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. It falls in the middle of the city of Istanbul, to the east of the mouth of the Bosphorus in the Marmara. To the east, it is bordered by the district of Maltepe, to the west by the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea, to the north by the districts of Üsküdar and Ataşehir, and to the south by the Marmara Sea. Kadıköy is built on six hills. These hills from east to west are Göztepe, Fikirtepe, Acıbadem, Altıyol, Cevizlik (Küçük Moda), and Koşuyolu. Fenerbahçe Park, Göztepe Park, Özgürlük Park, and the green areas extending along the coast are the most important active green spaces. Kadıköy has a coastline of approximately 21 km extending from Haydarpaşa to Bostancı in a southeast direction.

The population of our Kadıköy district is 467,919.

Places to visit in Kadıköy

1- Bağdat Street

Bağdat Street, one of the most popular shopping streets not only in Kadıköy but also in Istanbul, and selected as the 4th famous street, is one of the first addresses you should visit on the Anatolian side.

2- Haydarpaşa Train Station and Pier

One of the most iconic structures in Kadıköy, Haydarpaşa Train Station will immediately catch your eye with its magnificent architecture as you cross to Kadıköy by ferry.

3- Bostancı Show Center

Since its opening in 1991, Bostancı Show Center has attracted great interest and hosts thousands of art enthusiasts every year. With events organized throughout the year, it is one of the places you should visit in Kadıköy.

4- Setur Fenerbahçe Kalamış Marina

Fenerbahçe Marina, being one of Istanbul's bustling harbors, is also one of Kadıköy's popular places to visit.

5- Yoğurtçu Park

Yoğurtçu Park is a park located along the Marmara Sea coast and in Koşuyolu. It is one of the most popular recreational areas in the district and among the favorite spots for walks in the Moda neighborhood.

6- Fenerbahçe Park

Another beautiful park to visit in Kadıköy is Fenerbahçe Park on Fenerbahçe Island. It covers a large green area where you can enjoy a pleasant day with views of the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea.