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Eyüpsultan is located on the western side of Istanbul's metropolitan area, on the Çatalca Peninsula. The district is surrounded by Sarıyer, Şişli, and Kağıthane to the east, Beyoğlu to the southeast, Fatih and Zeytinburnu to the south, Bayrampaşa to the southwest, and Gaziosmanpaşa to the west and northwest. The district spans a vast area of 242 km², starting from the point where the Golden Horn ends and extending north to the Black Sea shores. This vast area includes urban settlements developed around the historical core along the Golden Horn and rural settlements within the forest and basin belt in the northern part of the metropolitan area.

Known for its proximity to other central districts, transportation to Eyüpsultan is extremely easy.

Those coming to Eyüp from the Anatolian side can use the sea route. By taking a ferry from Kadıköy and Üsküdar districts to Eminönü or Beşiktaş, you can transfer to Eyüp pier from there. You can also use road transport by taking buses and minibusses. Eyüp district hosts many historical and cultural artifacts.

The population of Eyüp district is 420,194.

Eyüp Sultan Mosque

A historical and cultural structure frequently visited by both local and foreign tourists. It was built five years after the conquest of Istanbul, and the tomb of Eyüp Sultan Hazretleri is located within this mosque. The structure, which is a complex, is also considered a sacred place besides being a mosque.

Eyüp Sultan Tomb

The place where the tomb of Eyüp Sultan Hazretleri is located within the sacred Eyüp Sultan Mosque. The mosque and tomb are the first structures built in Istanbul. The construction of the tomb was commissioned by Grand Vizier Sinan Pasha.

Pierre Loti Hill

A hill in Eyüp with a magnificent view of the Golden Horn. The hill is named after the French writer and naturalist Julien Viaud, who settled in Istanbul in 1876 and frequently visited the hill. The tea garden on the hill is a popular spot for those who want to enjoy a stunning sea view.

Ayvat Bend National Park

One of the nine national parks within the Belgrade Forest, Ayvat Bend was built in 2011. It is a popular spot for those who want to escape the city's hustle and the concrete jungle. It is beneficial to visit here if you want to spend a pleasant day with your family and loved ones.

Vialand Theme Park

Vialand Theme Park is one of the must-see places, especially for children. The park offers lots of laughter, fun, and adventure for visitors of all ages.