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To the east of our district are Beylikdüzü and Esenyurt districts, to the west is Silivri district, to the north are Çatalca and Arnavutköy districts, and to the south is the Sea of Marmara. Due to our district being a coastal area, the population increases significantly in summer. This brings vitality to social life. Various events are held at 'Kültürpark', located in the district center where the historic Caravanserai is situated. Our district has 43 branches of 17 banks and 12 PTT branches. There are 23 hotels, large shopping centers, many large stores and markets, and public rest facilities in the district. Approximately 20,000 workers are employed in the 73 industrial facilities within our district boundaries.

In our district, there are 3 private universities, 24 public primary schools, 20 public middle schools, 6 public Imam Hatip middle schools, 3 public kindergartens, 23 public high schools, 1 public education center, and 1 vocational training center, making a total of 78 public schools and institutions. Additionally, our district has 18 private primary schools, 31 private high schools, and 63 private kindergartens, making a total of 130 private educational institutions.

Sports activities are common in the district. Especially, Onvo Büyükçekmece Basketball Team represents our district in the Tahincioğlu Basketball League, and Tepecik Sports Club competes in the TFF 3rd Football League, with many other sports clubs operating at the amateur level.

Our district has Büyükçekmece State Hospital with a capacity of 250 beds and Beylikdüzü State Hospital with a capacity of 360 beds. The industry is rapidly developing in our district, and as a result of the rapid increase in industrialization and housing, agriculture and livestock are almost non-existent. During the summer months, there is activity in various service sectors related to domestic tourism. The presence of large-scale markets, entertainment centers, and the TÜYAP Fair Center in our district brings vitality to the economic life.

The population of the Büyükçekmece district is 276,572.

Places to visit in Büyükçekmece:

Büyükçekmece Coast

World Costumes Museum

Enver Pasha Mansion

Enver Pasha Mosque

Büyükçekmece Imaret Mosque

Sultan Abdulhamid II Fountain and Pool

Büyükçekmece Beaches