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Ataşehir gained district status in 2008 by incorporating some neighborhoods from Kadıköy, Kartal, Ümraniye, and Üsküdar. It is bordered by Maltepe to the south, Kadıköy to the west, Üsküdar to the northwest, Ümraniye to the north, Çekmeköy to the northeast, and Sancaktepe to the east. The district covers an area of 25.84 square kilometers, has a population of 419,368, and comprises a total of 17 neighborhoods. Rapidly growing, it has become one of Istanbul's most luxurious and central districts today.

Places to visit in Ataşehir:

Ataşehir Forest: A magnificent natural area for those who want to explore Istanbul's magical forest texture. You can feel peace and tranquility while walking among the trees.

Fashion Design Center: A center that design enthusiasts will admire, the Fashion Design Center exhibits designs in different styles by local and foreign designers. Here, you can feel the pulse of the fashion world and get inspired.

Caddebostan Coast: Caddebostan Coast, where you can take a pleasant walk with a sea view, dazzles with its green areas and clean beach. It will be especially enjoyable in the summer months.

Adalet Park: Adalet Park, famous for its natural beauty, is a relaxing break point with green areas, picnic spots, and various activities. Here, you can escape the stress of the day and enjoy nature.

Toy Museum: The Toy Museum can be preferred by those who want a fun and educational museum experience. You can see thousands of toys here, revisit your childhood, and have a nostalgic time.

East Park: Ideal for sports activities and outdoor events, East Park is full of running tracks, sports fields, and playgrounds. Here, you can both release your energy and have a pleasant time.

Sanatorium Park: Sanatorium Park, an ideal park for those who want to be alone with nature and have a peaceful time, will give you peace with its green areas, trees, and birdsong. You can read your book, have a picnic, or enjoy nature here.