Al Quoz

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Key Features
  • Industrial Hub: Al Quoz is one of Dubai’s primary industrial areas, housing numerous warehouses, factories, and service centers.
    • Key Industrial Areas:
      • Al Quoz Industrial 1, 2, 3, and 4: These sub-districts are home to a variety of businesses, from manufacturing to logistics.
  • Art and Culture: Al Quoz has become a cultural hotspot with a growing number of art galleries, creative spaces, and performance venues.
    • Key Cultural Venues:
      • Alserkal Avenue: A cultural district with contemporary art galleries, cafes, and creative workshops.
        • Contact: +971 4 333 3464
      • The Courtyard: A unique space featuring art galleries, studios, and boutique shops.
      • The Fridge: A performance venue hosting live music and entertainment events.
  • Residential Communities: Al Quoz offers a range of residential options, from affordable housing for workers to luxury villas.
    • Notable Residential Areas:
      • Al Quoz 1 and 2: Primarily residential areas with villas and family homes.
      • Al Quoz 3 and 4: Mixed-use areas with both industrial and residential properties.


Property Types

  • Apartments: Al Quoz offers a variety of apartments, primarily catering to workers and professionals.
    • Notable Residential Buildings:
      • Al Quoz Worker Accommodation: Affordable housing options for industrial workers.
      • Meydan Apartments: Modern apartments with convenient access to Al Quoz’s commercial areas.
  • Villas: The area also features a number of villas, offering more space and privacy for families.
    • Notable Villa Communities:
      • Al Quoz Villas: Spacious villas with private gardens and easy access to local amenities.
      • Al Khail Heights: A gated community offering contemporary villas and townhouses.


Statistics and Market Trends

  • Average Price per Square Foot: As of 2024, the average price per square foot in Al Quoz is approximately AED 750.
  • Rental Yields: Rental yields in Al Quoz typically range between 7-10%, making it an attractive area for investors.
  • Population: Al Quoz has a diverse population of over 50,000 residents, including expatriates, professionals, and industrial workers.
  • Occupancy Rate: The occupancy rate in Al Quoz is high, often exceeding 85%, due to its central location and affordable housing options.


Amenities and Lifestyle

  • Shopping and Dining: Al Quoz offers a variety of dining options, cafes, and retail outlets to cater to the needs of its residents and workers.
    • Key Restaurants:
      • Tom & Serg: +971 4 338 8934
      • The Sum of Us: +971 56 445 7526
      • Wild & The Moon: +971 4 343 3392
    • Retail Outlets:
      • Times Square Center: A shopping mall offering a variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options.
      • Al Quoz Mall: A local shopping center with retail shops and dining options.
      • Ace Hardware: A large hardware and home improvement store.
  • Recreation and Leisure: The community features numerous recreational facilities, including sports courts, fitness centers, and parks.
    • Key Spots:
      • Bounce Dubai: An indoor trampoline park offering fun activities for all ages.
        • Contact: +971 4 321 1400
      • Adventure HQ: An outdoor adventure store with a climbing wall and other activities.
        • Contact: +971 4 346 6824
      • Warehouse Gym: A popular gym with extensive fitness facilities.
        • Contact: +971 4 323 2323
  • Transportation: Al Quoz is well-connected by road, with easy access to Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road. Public transport options, including buses and the Dubai Metro, ensure convenient commuting.
    • Key Metro Stations:
      • Noor Bank Metro Station
      • First Abu Dhabi Bank Metro Station
  • Healthcare and Education: Several clinics, hospitals, and schools are located within or near Al Quoz, catering to the needs of residents.
    • Key Facilities:
      • Medcare Hospital Al Safa: +971 4 407 9100
      • Aster Clinic Al Quoz: +971 4 440 0500
      • GEMS Wellington Academy Al Khail: +971 4 512 9100
      • Dubai International School: +971 4 338 0370


Why Choose Al Quoz?

  • Affordable Living: Al Quoz offers a variety of affordable housing options, making it accessible to a wide range of residents.
  • Cultural Hub: The area’s growing number of art galleries and cultural venues make it a vibrant and creative community.
  • Central Location: Centrally located with easy access to key areas in Dubai, including Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina.
  • Dynamic Environment: A mix of industrial, commercial, and residential properties ensures a lively and diverse atmosphere.
  • Investment Potential: Al Quoz is a growing community with high rental yields and strong demand for both residential and commercial properties, offering excellent investment opportunities.
  • Quality of Life: The combination of modern amenities, recreational facilities, and a dynamic environment makes Al Quoz an attractive place to live and work.

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