Meet Istanbul's VIP Neighborhoods: Beylikdüzü

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Nestled on the European side of Istanbul, Beylikdüzü stands out as a neighborhood brimming with untapped potential and impressive investment opportunities, particularly in real estate, promising high Return on Investment (ROI).

Location of Beylikdüzü in Istanbul

Situated in the western part of Istanbul, Beylikdüzü is surrounded by Avcilar to the east, Esenyurt to the north, Buyukcekmece to the west, and bordered by the breathtaking Sea of Marmara to the south. It’s positioned approximately 40 km from Istanbul's bustling city center, offering a blend of tourist, service, social, and entertainment facilities, reducing the constant need to travel to the city center. The modern transport networks, ranging from the Metrobus to the tramway, ensure swift connectivity to iconic places like Sultan Ahmed and Taksim Square, helping residents avoid peak hour congestion!

Beylikdüzü is situated:

10 mins away from Marmara Forum Shopping Mall,
10 mins away from West Marina Istanbul,
30 mins away from 15 July Martyrs' Bridge,
30 mins away from Zincirlikuyu,
40 mins away from Taksim,
30 mins away from Istanbul Airport.


Investment Opportunities in Beylikdüzü

Currently, Beylikdüzü is experiencing a surge in premium real estate investments, reflecting its economic strength and increasing potential. This district is home to Turkey's largest commercial container port and houses expansive industrial cities, offering ample employment opportunities and contributing to its robust economic structure. Its well-organized infrastructure, easy access to sea and airports, and prominent residential and professional construction spaces make it an attractive hub for potential investors and residents alike.

Economic Strength of Beylikdüzü District

Beylikdüzü is not only a strong economic center but also a hub with escalating investment opportunities. It is home to the largest commercial container port in Turkey, spanning approximately 1.5 million square meters. The extensive industrial city sprawled over 1,600 Acres generates numerous job opportunities, while its second industrial city, "the industrial city of Bisan," and several other industrial and commercial areas further amplify its economic value.

Organized and Accessible Living in Beylikdüzü

Beylikdüzü takes pride in being one of the most organized districts in Istanbul, Europe, offering efficient fuel distribution and filling, and a thermal power station producing electricity. The district’s accessibility to seas and airports, coupled with Turkey's largest fish market and unmatched residential spaces, elevates the living experience. Moreover, Beylikdüzü is home to Tüyap, the International Exhibition Center, enhancing its appeal as a rural-urban area.


Overall, Beylikdüzü, with its strategic location, economic vitality, and organized living spaces, emerges as a beacon of high-value investment in Istanbul. Whether it’s the real estate boom, expansive industrial cities, or the myriad of amenities, Beylikdüzü promises a harmonious blend of lucrative investments and high-quality living, making it a prime choice for investors and residents seeking the best of Istanbul.

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