Why VIP Property?

Why VIP Property

The priority of any work undertaken by VIP Property is to complete thorough due diligence on the development, the developer, and the location. Should the development fulfill our specific requirements i.e. ticks all our boxes, we then make legally binding contracts with the developers with our team of lawyers. We transform the selling environment to our high standards and then market the products by utilizing our teams of highly trained sales staff.

With a fast-growing economy, increasing tourism, and no restrictions on foreign ownership and finance now available, all signs point to ever-increasing prosperity and great returns for those who invest in property in Turkey. The country’s GDP success makes Turkey the leader in economical prosperity.

Istanbul is now perceived to be the haven of choice, especially to many Arab citizens and even the Russian marketplace is showing interest. With over 35 million tourists visiting Turkey this year, of which some 14 million will be in Istanbul this is true “the golden age of Turkey”. All the major rating agencies Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s, and Fitch have upgraded Turkey to investment status or above over the past year. The PWC Global Emerging trends property report has consistently put Istanbul in the top place for investment in Europe and in the past two years Istanbul has been voted by many experts as the number one property destination for overseas investment and recently voted the no1 tourist destination in the world.

VIP Property is here to help you through the buying procedure, to answer all those questions about tax, the inheritance system, wills, capital gains tax, and the legal system, and to prepare your property for residency or your tenant to the highest standard. We assist our clients with every aspect of the purchase and provide additionally a 24/7 help desk. Service is the most important part of our relationship with our clients.

The construction industry in Turkey is now one of the country’s market leaders in exports and is ranked second in the world behind China. As a result of the tremendous growth in this sector, over the past few years, developers and construction companies have found the competition has been extremely intense with thousands of new units coming onto the market each year and with no means to sell their developments.

Our core values: “Respect, integrity, accountability, communication, and excellence of service.

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