Who We Are

who are we

We can answer the question of who we are, in short, we are a full-fledged real estate company. As VIP Property, we work as a unique company in the real estate sector. We take responsibility for the marketing, sales and management of selected projects from real estate developers and sellers in Istanbul. Selling both locally and internationally is a powerful business. We, as the real estate company helping you, undertake this difficult task. We offer you the chance to buy the property of your dreams by investing. You can get one step closer to your dreams by trusting us.

Real estate is a very comprehensive industry. Sometimes people buy houses for living and sometimes for investment purposes. A real estate company is absolutely needed to get an advice on this subject and to get support in sales and after-sales transactions. Our company has been giving you full support in this field since its establishment. You can contact us to benefit from sales, investment and citizenship services.

What Do you Expect From us?

The customer’s domestic and international purchasing expectations are very different. It is important for a good real estate company to meet all the expectations of its customers. The biggest feature that distinguishes our company from other companies is the commitment between us and our customers. We don’t just sell. As VIP property, we continue to assist you in the after-sales period. Selling is only a small part of the real estate market. We support you in many areas from selling sales to rental options.

Real Estate For Investment

As a property company VIP Property, carefully selects properties that can benefit its customers. With the properties we have chosen, you can either rent or evaluate them in terms of investment. The properties we sell are homes with the best core values. These properties, which have extremely comfortable and durable structures, are also very important in terms of their location. By purchasing these properties, you can get a chance to make a good investment. You can take a look at the houses which are both close to the center and intertwined with nature, on our website.

Property Rental Options

VIP Property is one of the most dynamic real estate companies in the Istanbul real estate market. Since its establishment, the company has been the market leader in the southwest region of Istanbul, as well as the appointed organization for the sale of many developments. Istanbul is still in its infancy for rental management services. Our company; It meets the expectations and needs of investors by implementing a total turnkey and rental property management system. Istanbul has not yet developed its rental management services and most companies were unaware of these needs. But today, our company deals with these issues and offers great services to its customers.

After Sales Services

Promotion of VIP Property’s unique services and working closely with real estate agents and developers fulfilled a huge market requirement. This important value-added service included in the sales and marketing of real estate has transformed our organization. While significantly increasing its domestic and international sales, it also increased its rental income. With VIP Property’s distinctive brand of marketing, sales and after-sale services, we have become the market leader in providing real estate services to clients. We make your dreams come true by providing you with full support both in sales and after sales.

Please Contact Us

Who we are? We are a company that will support you both in sales and after sales. There are many questions asked about the real estate industry. This topic is quite extensive and it is almost impossible to know everything. Therefore, it is important to get support from the real estate company. If you have questions about investing and owning a home, you can direct them to us. You can contact our company at any time. We, as VIP Property, will always be pleased to assist you. The best answer to the question of who we are is that we are always with you. You can get full support from us by asking us any question you have in mind. 


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