Who Are We

who are we

VIP Property is a very unique company, in that it takes exclusivfone responsibility for the marketing, selling and management of selected projects from developers and sellers of property in Istanbul. Selling to both local and the international arena has been challenging as well as rewarding. Clients’ expectations of buying locally and internationally are wildly different and we have to cater for a wide breath of requirements. It is the flexibility in our approach to clients that has made our company “stand out from the crowd”. We don’t just sell! This is the easier part of the equation! We provide full rental turnkey management services.

VIP Property specifically chooses those properties that we believe, as a company, will profit our clients and where we are able to provide highly profitable rental management. We look for properties that fulfil and surpass market expectations, the properties we chose for sale are those that have good core values and offer our clients profitable exit strategies. The construction companies we work with, must be able to satisfy the ever growing needs and changes demanded by our owners, tenants and residents; and they have a remit to provide an environment that leads to both total satisfaction of life style by the residents and gives our clients secure growth on their investments.

VIP Property is one of the most dynamic property companies in the Istanbul real estate market. Since its inception, the company has been the market leader in the South West region of Istanbul. VIP Property has been the organization appointed for the sale of many of the developments. Istanbul is still in its infancy for rental management services and our company had to transform the market – thinking to fully understand the expectations and needs of the investor, by implementing a system of total turnkey rental property management. Istanbul had not developed its rental management services and most companies in this market sector were simply not interested. By the introduction of VIP Property’s unique services and by working closely with estate agents and developers VIP Property has fulfilled a major market requirement. This important value added service incorporated in the sales and marketing of the properties has transformed our organization. It has increased substantially both the local and international sales, whilst enhancing the rental revenues. We have become a market leader in providing clients property services with VIP Property’s distinctive brand of marketing, sales and superb aftercare services.


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