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Action shall be taken according to the response to be received from the Provincial Directorate of Census and Citizenship.

Yes you can purchase multiple properties to apply for Turkish Citizenship.

No. Application can be made for properties which are purchased at different times.

Yes you can apply through a proxy for Property Acquisition to obtain exceptional Turkish Citizenship if it is clearly stated in Power of Attorney.

Yes, as long as the value of the acquired share is minimum USD 400,000.

In that case, the net down payment of the loan amount shall be considered. The down payment should be minimum USD 400,000 also for legally mortgaged sales.

The sum of receipts evidencing payments must have a value equal to USD 400,000 according to the USD selling exchange rate of the Central Bank of Turkey on the date prior to the date of deposit. The amounts listed in the appraisal report and the official bill may not be less than the sum of values in the receipt.

In the event that the receipt is paid in Turkish Lira, selling exchange rate of the Central Bank of Turkey on the date prior to the date of payment shall be considered to calculate USD equivalent of the receipt amount.

On the basis of the effective selling exchange rate of the Central Bank of Turkey on the work day prior to the date when each receipt is issued must be USD 400,000.

The property to be acquired by foreign nationals through actual sale or a sale promise should not be registered to the title of the legal entity of the company that the real person owns or manages.

Effective selling exchange rate of the Central Bank of Turkey on the date prior to the payment date for receipt and prior to the selling transaction for the value on the official title deed shall be considered. In that case, both values are required to reach USD 250,000.

Properties sold or subject to a sale promise must be registered in the name of Turkish citizens. Furthermore, they should not be any properties transferred by a foreign real person after 12 January 2017. (Including self, spouse and children of the foreign person who acquires it)

Must be deposited and documented as bank remittance, EFT etc. by the buyer or the buyer’s representative to the bank account of the seller or the seller’s representative. The transfer/payment of price for properties owned by public institutions and ventures such as TOKI and Emlak Konut may also be reported with the approved bank receipt or an official letter indicating the price of the property purchased.

The appraisal report shall be obtained from the appraisal organizations posted on the web page of the Board of Capital Markets (SPK) ( tisim/List/gds).

It is valid for three months beginning from the date of issue. It shall be considered applicable until the transaction is completed from the date it is given.

The directorate of land registry, who processes the commitment foreseen in the regulations according to the related Directive and its practical communiques submits all documents to the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadaster or the related regional directorate. The General Directorate/Regional Directorate inspects the documents of the transaction, issues a Certificate of Conformity, and sends it to the General Directorate of the Immigration Administration and the General Directorate of Census and Citizenship Affairs by official means, and to the related person by e-mail.

Foreigners who obtain the certificate of conformity shall initially apply to the Provincial Directorate of Immigration Administration for a residence permit and then to the Provincial Directorate of Census and Citizenship for citizenship.

An application can be made with a promise that the property would be transferred and released in three years through a notarized contract if minimum USD 400,000 or equivalent amount was paid as down payment for any properties with established commonhold or construction servitude on or after 07 December 2018.

The attribute of the property does not matter for citizenship through property purchase. (It may be a residence, workplace, land, field, yard etc.) However, for any commitments through notarized promise of sale, the property must have an established commonhold or construction servitude.

Yes. You, your spouse (wife or husband) and dependents (your children under the age of 18, on the application date) can get citizenship. Turkish law does not recognize same-sex marriages, polygamy and other types of partnerships. So a spouse should be a person of opposite sex and the couple should be legally married. If a male applicant has multiple wives, only one of them is eligible for Turkish citizenship.

After the property is bought and the application is filed, it takes between 3 to 6 months to get the citizenship and Turkish passport.

You can buy property and apply for citizenship through Power of Attorney. (Buy the real estate for you, get the appraisal report, transfer the title to your name, give the statement at Property Registry Office, and file all documents for your application.)

Age of your son while starting the application procedures will be taken under consideration. As long as you start application process before your son turns 18, he will be eligible for acquisition of Turkish Citizenship.

If your child is incapable of taking care of him/herself, they can become Turkish citizens with their parents’ application provided that their situation is documented by health reports.

Yes, Turkey allows dual nationality, as long as your original country allows it. If you are a citizen of a country which does not allow dual citizenship, you need to forfeit your original citizenship. But if your original country allows dual citizenship, you can have dual citizenship.

There is no requirement regarding knowledge of Turkish language in order to benefit from Turkish Citizenship by Investment programme.

Residing in Turkey for particular period of time before or after acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Investment is not obligatory.

After a purchase and obtaining title deeds on your name, you become an owner of a property basing on the same rights as Turkish property owners. You can not sell the property for 3 years as by the Turkish Citizenship by Investment programme but after that time you have a right to keep or sell the property and there is no restrictions in this matter.

After Turkish Citizenship would be granted to you on basis of investment, you have the same rights as Turkish Citizens by birth and you can work within Turkey with no need to obtain work permit.

Staying in Turkey for particular period of time before or after acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Investment is not obligatory. It is also not required that you would live in a property purchased within the Turkish Citizenship by Investment programme, you are allowed to rent it.

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