Interesting Facts

  • Europe’s 9th City in Convention Tourism
  • 100+ 5- Start Hospitals
  • 3rd Most Visited City in Europe
  • 13.6 Million Tourists in 2018
  • Bed Capacity of Hospital- 36k
  • 238 Hospitals

Unique Juxtaposition of Nature and History

Istanbul’s beauty has made it a magnet for people from all over the world for several decades. Excluding domestic tourists, more than 13 million people visit the city each year, particularly from Germany, United Kingdom, United States and Russia. Istanbul’s strongly competitive tourism sector is based on its unique juxtaposition of natural beauty and a diverse, historical, cosmopolitan and exciting city. In Istanbul a sizzling and bubbling pot of many ethnic groups and religions live together with a harmony. One of Istanbul’s key attractions is its extreme contrasts which further add to the theme of diversity. Towering skyscrapers look over the Bosphorus while five-star hotels sit just meters away from ancient constructions. Tourism in Istanbul is a major industry and contributor to the Turkish economy, attracting 13.4 million tourists in 2018.

Unusual Venues

Istanbul is an exotic city that provides what you can only imagine while setting the trends for your events. A wide range of historic places from Ottoman Palaces to cisterns, from modern facilities to mansions on Bosphorus shores, Istanbul awaits you with unique venues to meet a fusion of diverse cultures and a wonderful cuisine of the East and the West.

Whether a gala dinner or a social event, for any program you may conduct, ‘World’s Leading Congress Destination’ Istanbul is ready for you with a promise of an unforgettable experience for your events and congresses. For your guests to enjoy incentive experiences, Istanbul is the ideal city in the world.

Fastest Growing Destination City in Europe

MasterCard’s Global Destination Cities Index charts how 132 of most important cities in the world are connected through air travel – how many international visitors arrive at each of these cities from other cities; and how much these visitors spend during their visit. No doubt Istanbul finds itself in the top 10 despite global turmoil in recent years. If Paris and Istanbul continue to grow their international visitors’ numbers at the current rates, in 4 years, Istanbul will take over Paris to become 2nd ranked in Europe.

The answer to “Why are Travelers Flocking to Istanbul?” is that it’s perhaps the vibrant city embodies both ancient and modern. It’s chock-full of historic mosques and monuments, but it also has tons of hip boutiques, cool restaurants, and design-savvy boutique hotels that hipsters, foodies, artists and fashionistas love. The city feels decidedly chic – and travelers from all over the world are taking note, as described by Business Insider magazine. Istanbul is not only one of the particular tourism destinations in specific fields, but also one of the foremost cities in the world with its tourism diversity. Having a bed capacity of 112 k Istanbul is ready to welcome more tourists from all over the world.

Health Tourism

About 13 million tourists don’t just come to Istanbul for the historical peninsula and the sights. Hundreds of thousands of foreign patients each year are now traveling to receive treatment in private hospitals in Turkish cities, especially in Istanbul. From eye surgery to dental treatment, plastic surgery to hair transplant, Istanbul’s medical infrastructure, including 238 hospitals with 36 k bed capacity, offers several advantages to benefit from.

World Renowned Accredited Hospitals

Accreditation is a long-term process that demands commitment. There is a great deal of preparatory work leading up to a survey and then subsequent performance and improvement work is done to ensure those accreditation standards are maintained. As mentioned in Joint Commission International’s (JCI) web site, organizations that achieve and maintain JCI accreditation are dedicated to providing their patients the best level of care possible. 29 hospitals, which equals 3% of all JCI accredited health care organizations in the world, are operating in Istanbul.

Priceless moments in the timeless city…

Istanbul offers a pristine natural and historic setting, world class dining and nightlife, luxurious accommodations and a variety of one-of-a-kind attractions. The city is also a magnetic location for tourists searching for alternative destinations. The city maintains its dynamism and brightness the whole year through various tourism types. You can find a combination of alternatives waiting for you. Culture, congress & event, cruise & yacht, health, golf, faith, sports and many more are ready to get explored in the city.


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