Project Finance

Project Finance and Credit Expert Routing

Project Finance And Credit Expert Routing​

Where we can, we assist clients in making applications to local and international banks. Sometimes we use the services of mortgage brokers. If the client meets the banks leading criteria usually a mortgage is offered fairly quickly.

Some of our projects have developer finance available which is similar to a non status loan for periods of 5-10 years. We will be happy to provide our clients with financial consulting services. A variety of payment plans are available with installments, but differ in almost every project and are dependent on each developer.

It is very important to us that when clients are making investments that they know the real costs. That the rental income clearly covers any mortgage or financial installment payments, if the client is buying on a buy to let basis. That the client understands the problems and commission elements associated with currency exchanges and endeavor to pay in their own currency to avoid any fluctuations in rates or extra charges.

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