Process of Buying Property

Step 1- An agreement shall be reached for the property to be purchased. The value of the property must be minimum USD 250,000.

Step 2- A “property assessment report” shall be obtained by applying to one of the organizations authorized by Board of Capital Markets (SPK) for property assessment.

Step 3- Application shall be made to the directorate of land registry with the required documents.

Step 4- The directorate of title deed checks whether the receipt, appraisal report and the declared values satisfy the criteria required in the directive.

Step 5- If the required conditions have been satisfied, the title deed fee required to be paid for action and the revolving fund payment shall be communicated to the related person by SMS.

Step 6- The appointment time to sign the contract after the payment of the fees shall be communicated by SMS.

Step 7- After the contract is signed and completed, a statement indicating that the property may not be sold for three years shall be registered and the title deed of the property shall be handed over to the landlord.

Step 8- Following the completion of the transaction, the directorate of land registry sends the transaction documents via the system to the General Directorate/Regional Directorate to issue the “certificate of conformity” for citizenship application.

Step 9- The ‘certificate of conformity’ issued after the necessary checks have been completed is sent for action to the General Directorate of Census and Citizenship and General Directorate of Immigration Administration with an official letter, and for information to the related individual by e-mail.

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