Residence Permit

Residence Permit Types

Residence Permit Types​

Six types of residence permit are available for foreigners with different purposes.

1-Short-Term Resıdence Permıt

Foreigners who fulfill accommodation conditions and have passport or passport document at least sixty days before expiration date from the end of the requested residence permit period can apply short-term residence permit for maximum of 2 years.

Foreigners who have one of the following purposes as follows can apply for the short-term residence permit:

  • Foreigners who will arrive to conduct scientific research.
  • Foreigners who will own immovable property in Turkey.
  • Foreigners who will establish business or commercial connections.
  • Foreigners who will participate in on-the-job training programs.
  • Foreigners who will arrive to attend educational or similar programs as part of student exchange programs or agreements to which the Republic of Turkey is a party.
  • Foreigners who wish to stay for tourism purposes.
  • Foreigners who intend to receive medical treatment, provided that they do not have a disease posing a public health threat.
  • Foreigners who are required to stay in Turkey pursuant to a request or a decision of judicial or administrative authorities.
  • Foreigners who transfer from a family residence permit.
  • Foreigners who will attend a Turkish language course.
  • Foreigners who will attend an education programme, research, internship or, a course by way of a public agency.
  • Foreigners who will apply within six months upon graduation from a higher education programme in Turkey.
  • Foreigners who do not work in Turkey but will make an investment within the scope and amount that shall be determined by the Council of Ministers, and their foreign spouses, his and her foreign minor children or foreign dependent children.
  • Citizens of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (The residence permit based on this purpose is issued for five-year period at most).

The Conditions For Short-Term Residence Permit

  • To submit supporting information and documents regarding the reason of stay in Turkey.
  • Not to fall within the scope of article 7 of the relevant law.
  • To live in accommodation conditions that conform to general health and safety standards.
  • Upon request, to present criminal record certificate issued by the competent authorities in their country of citizenship or legal residence.
  • To submit information on their address of stay in Turkey.
2-Family Residence Permit

Foreigners who fulfill the conditions can apply the family residence permit for 3 years providing that granted family residence permit cannot exceed the duration of the sponsor’s residence permit under any circumstances.

Foreigners who have one of the status presented as following can apply for family residence permit:

  • a) Foreign spouse.
  • b) Foreign children or foreign minor children of their spouse.
  • c) Dependent foreign children or dependent foreign children of their spouse, of Turkish citizens, persons within the scope of Article 28 of Law No 5901 or, foreigners holding one of the residence permits as well as refugees and subsidiary protection beneficiaries.

In cases of a polygamous marriage pursuant to the regulation in the country of citizenship, only one of the spouses shall be issued a family residence permit. However, a family residence permit may be granted to the foreigner’s children from other spouses.

For family residence permits issued to children, if any, the consent of the mother or the father who lives abroad and who shares custody shall be sought.

Family residence permits shall entitle the holder right of education in primary and secondary educational institutions until the age of 18 the without obtaining a student residence permit.

The Conditions For Family Residence Permit


To fulfill the conditions applied to the sponsor, the sponsor is required to have a valid health insurance covering all family members; have a monthly income in any case not less than the minimum wage in total corresponding not less than one third of the minimum wage per each family member; submit proof of not having been convicted of any crime against family during the five years preceding the application with a criminal record certificate; have been residing in Turkey for at least one year on a residence permit and have been registered with the address based registration system.

The following conditions shall apply to foreigners applying for a family residence permit to stay with a sponsor in Turkey, to submit supporting information and documents regarding the reason of the stay, to assert that they live or intend to live together with specified persons, to be over 18 years of age for each spouse, not to fall within the scope of Article 7, not to have entered into the marriage for the purpose of obtaining a family residence permit.

3-Student Residence Permit

Foreigners who pursue the following educations and meet with the conditions can acquire residence permit for the period of study or one year and renewed throughout the course of their study depends on their status:

  • Foreigners who shall receive primary or secondary education and who do not hold a family residence permit (Without taking residence permit, foreigners can continue studying until they are 18 (for primary and secondary education). However, when they are over 18 and still go on taking secondary education, those students are required to take residence permit.),
  • Foreigners who shall attend an associate, undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate programme or receive education for speciality in medicine (TUS) or in dentistry (DUS) are issued residence permits.

Student residence permit ensures the student to be only the supporter of spouse and children in family residence permit applications. It does not provide any right to the other relatives about residence permit.

The Conditions For Student Residence Permit

  • To submit supporting information and documents related to aim of stay in Turkey (article 38).
  • Not to fall within the scope of article 7.
  • Submit information on their address of stay in Turkey.
4- Long-Term Residence Permit

Foreigners who fulfill the following conditions can apply for the long-term residence permit and be granted indefinite residence permit:

  • A long term residence permit shall be issued by the governorates, upon approval of the Ministry, to the foreigners that have continuously resided in Turkey for at least eight years on a permit or to foreigners that meet the conditions set out by the Migration Policies Board.
  • Refugees, conditional refugees and subsidiary protection beneficiaries as well as persons under temporary protection or humanitarian residence permit holders are not entitled to the right of transfer to a long-term residence permit.

The Conditions For Long Term Residence Permit

  • Having continuous residence in Turkey for at least eight years (In calculation of continuous eight years, half of the duration of student resident permits, as stated in Law Article 38, and the full duration of all other types of residence permits shall be taken into account).
  • Not having received social assistance in the past three years.
  • Having a sufficient and stable income to maintain themselves or, if any, support their family.
  • To be covered with a valid medical insurance.
  • Not to be posing a public order or public security threat (except the foreigners who are approved by the Migration Policies Board).
5- Humanitarian Residence Permit

Foreigners who meet with the following conditions can apply for humanitarian residence permit for a maximum duration of one year at a time.

  • Where the best interest of the child is of concern.
  • Where, notwithstanding a removal decision or ban on entering Turkey, foreigners cannot be removed from Turkey or their departure from Turkey is not reasonable or possible,
  • In the absence of a removal decision in respect of the foreigner pursuant to Article 55,
  • Where there is a judicial appeal against the actions carried out pursuant to Articles 53,72 and 77;
  • Throughout the removal actions of the applicant to the first country of asylum or a safe third country;
  • In cases when foreigners should be allowed to enter into and stay in Turkey, due to emergency or in view of the protection of the national interests as well as reasons of public order and security, in the absence of the possibility to obtain one of the other types of residence permits due to their situation that precludes granting a residence permit;
  • In extraordinary circumstances humanitarian residence permit may be issued.

The Conditions For Humanitarian Residence Permit

Conditions attached to other types of residence permits shall not be sought while issuing humanitarian residence permit.

Other Circumstances Related Humanitarian Residence Permit

Foreigners that are granted humanitarian residence permit should get registered with the address based registration system no later than twenty working days as of the issuance date.

Foreigners holding humanitarian residence permit, within the duration of this permit, may apply for one of the other residence permits, except for the long term residence permit, as long as they meet the requirements.

Durations of humanitarian residence permits shall not be added to the total duration in calculation of residence permit durations determined by the law.

6- Residence Permit For Victims of Human Trafficking

A residence permit for victims of human trafficking shall be granted to foreigners who are victims of human trafficking or where there is strong circumstantial evidence that they might be victims for 30 days and renewed for 6 months periods providing that the total duration shall not exceed three years.

The Conditions For Residence Permit for Victims of Human Trafficking

Conditions attached to other types of residence permit shall not be sought while issuing these residence permitst.

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