For Overseas Clients

For Overseas Clients

For Overseas Clients

VIP Property is a unique company whose goal is to offer our clients the very best investment opportunities with the minimum of risk. We are not led by developers offering the largest commission payments; nor do we sell in some far-fetched country where there is little or no chance of a return on your investment or no possibility of ever reselling the property at a realistic price.

VIP Property was created with the specific aim finding affordable and secure investment property for its clients who wanted to be in a position to make an informed decision. VIP Property undertakes extensive research into each overseas properties investment we market and unless the deal fulfills all our requirements we will not market the Country or the investment opportunity. We look closely at that the local market to see whether we will be in a position to be able to sell on your property at a later date and analysis the rental market to ensure that the income will support your financial obligations or provide a regular income. As important is the question of capital growth because we all invest to make money and we want to be confident that our clients will benefit from price increases.

Our internationally renowned reputation has been achieved by not accepting second best and by using our highly successful network of qualified experts to ensure that every aspect of a sale and the after sales is fully covered.

We provide a whole array of services including total property management, legal services, mortgage advice, site management, tax and accountancy, tenancy services and a multiplicity of marketing tools.

Our priority is to protect our clients investment whilst, provide them with growth on their investment and complete peace of mind.

VIP Property is dedicated to exceeding our client’s expectations and pre-empting their requirements.

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