Interesting Facts

  • 882 Movie Theatres
  • 229 Theatre Stages
  • 80 Museum
  • 4th Best Food city in the World
  • 118 Shopping Malls
  • 7th Most Attractive City for Luxury Retailers in the World

A Journey of Ancient and Contemporary

Istanbul combines its fascinating history with modern culture to perfection. This has earned the city the honor to become the European Capital of Culture in 2010. Istanbul is today a UNESCO World Heritage site. Ancient and modern, religious and secular, Asia and Europe, mystical and earthly all co-exist here. What makes Istanbul exclusive is not just its rich historic harmony, but also a packed calendar of arts throughout year.

Feel the Rhythm

Museums in Istanbul – well worth visiting for its world-class collection of classical antiquities – exhibits a journey dating all the way back to ancient civilizations with contemporary arts. Numerous movie theaters and concert halls prove the socially vibrant life of the city. Moreover, there are celebrations, concerts, street fashion shows and amazing performances in various venues to flatter Istanbul’s visitors.

Taste Fantastic Flavors of Turkish Cuisine

When it comes to exquisite cuisine and great restaurants, globe-trotting will pay off exponentially. The best markets, bakeries, kitchenware shops, dessert spots and cooking classes are all out there – you just need to know where to look. If you’re a foodie and love to travel, no doubt you’re in search of world’s premier food destination: Istanbul. According to Cities Journal web site, Istanbul is World’s 4th Best Food City.

If you are finished with shopping in Istanbul, it is now time to relax and taste the fantastic flavors of Turkish Cuisine. Get ready to make a quick entrance to Istanbul’s gastro world via wonderful scenes along the Bosphorus. You are welcome to experience a synthesis of modern and traditional flavors, which is not limited to kebabs and fish culture.

Posh & Elegant in Istanbul

Shopping is the world’s lingua franca, a venture of discovery, driven both by minds and hearts. Shopping in Istanbul, on the other hand, is an exciting passionate adventure of never ending flux.

According to the Global Cross Border Luxury Retailer Attractiveness Index of Jones Lang LaSalle, Istanbul is the 7th most attractive location for international retailers in Europe. The city’s retail market is revolutionizing itself at great speed, with significant quantities of modern shopping center stock coming online.

Shop till You Drop

Amid the growth in per capita income and the overall economic developments, Istanbul’s retail sector has acquired modern-scale segmentations with plenty of local and international players benefitting from rising consumption level. With 118 shopping malls, the city that bills itself as one of the largest in the world is all set to flatter tourists with its very own shopping festival. Istanbul Shopping Fest, which has been a great contribution not just to Istanbul, but also to the shopping and entertainment industry as well in terms of turnover since 2011, is preparing to welcome visitors from all over the world every year. The mission of the Festival is to make Istanbul the shopping, culture and entertainment center of the world. Every year, visitors get to witness the colorful events planned for this very Shopping Fest, bringing new life to this fabulous city.

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